About CAMS

College of Accounting and Management Sciences is one of the leading private colleges in Karachi. Since its establishment in 1994, it has been committed to providing value-based education and preparing the next generation to meet the challenges of a dynamically fluctuating business environment.

We offer Intermediate Commerce, professional accounting qualifications, undergraduate/post-graduate degree programs and short diploma/certificate courses. All these programs are recognized/affiliated with their respective local and international institutions/regulating bodies.

Realizing the need of basic education for young minds, CAMS introduced a schooling system ‘The Avicenna School’ in 1996. The School is registered with Cambridge International as a Cambridge Associate School (Registration No PK519). The classes starts from the elementary level of Playgroup/Montessori at the Avicenna Aspirations to Middle School and O’ Level at the Avicenna Schools.

CAMS alumni of ACCAs, ACAs, CIMAs, CFAs and MBAs are located all over the globe and playing its role in national and multinational organizations.

Mission Statement

As we move towards the future, we aim to provide quality education at every level;

  1. To provide value-based education at every level with a strong focus on academics.
  2. To aim for sustainable growth through expansion of current programs and offering new recognized programs through partnerships and linkages with accredited national and international educational institutions.
  3. To provide opportunities to financially disadvantaged students to enable them to meet their academic and career goals.
  4. To provide opportunities to our faculty and staff to grow professionally through an environment that fosters continuous training and development.

Locations and Program offerings

CAMS – Clifton Campus (CA, ACCA, CFA,)
CAMS – Clifton Campus (I.Com, B.Com)
CAMS – Clifton Campus (BBA, BS)
CAMS – Tipu Sultan Girls Campus (I.Com, B.Com)
CAMS – Dhoraji Campus (I.Com, B.Com)
CAMS – Dhoraji Campus (ACCA)
Avicenna Aspirations – Clifton (co-ed) Campus (Montessori, Playgroup)
Avicenna Aspirations – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (Montessori, Playgroup)
Avicenna School – Clifton (co-ed) Campus (Class I – VIII)
Avicenna School – Clifton (co-ed) Campus (O Levels)
Avicenna School – Clifton (Girls) Campus (Class I – VIII)
Avicenna School – Clifton (Girls) Campus (O’Levels)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (Class I – VIII)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (O’Levels)