About CAMS

Established in 1994 with a vision of Quality Education at Every Level, CAMS is one of the leading institutions which is honoring its commitment to educate and groom the youth of Pakistan to play their role in realizing the dream of `Quaid-e-Azam´s Pakistan´.

We are offering a blend of charter accounting qualifications, undergraduate / post-graduate degree programs and various diploma and certificate courses. CAMS is unique in having concurrent affiliations with ICAP and 3 core UK professional accounting bodies; ACCA, ICAEW and CIMA.

Our Alumni constitutes business professionals, Chartered Certified Accountants, Chartered Accountants, Chartered Management Accountants, Chartered Financial Analysts and Masters/Bachelors of Business Administration who are playing a lead role in various organizations not only in Pakistan but all over the globe.

We realize the importance of basic education for young minds to prepare them for the professional studies. Our schooling system `The Avicenna School´ is registered as an external school with the University of Cambridge – Local Examination Syndicate (Reg. No: PK519). We make sure that a student studying with us at Montessori or right up-to A´Levels gets supportive and encouraging environment that geared to find his/her strength in becoming a life-long learner.

Mission Statement

As we move towards the future, we are committed to provide value-based, quality education and preparing the next generation for meeting the challenges of a dynamic environment.

  1. To provide value-based quality education at every level with a strong focus on academics.
  2. To aim for sustainable growth through expansion of current programs and offering new recognized programs through partnerships and linkages with accredited national and international educational institutions.
  3. To provide opportunities to financially disadvantaged students to enable them to meet their academic and career goals.
  4. To provide opportunities to our faculty and staff to grow professionally through an environment that fosters continuous training and development.

Locations and Program offerings

CAMS – Clifton Campus (CA, ACCA, CFA, ICAEW, HNC, IQN)
CAMS – Clifton Campus (I.Com, B.Com)
CAMS – Clifton Campus (BBA, MBA Morning, MBA Evening)
CAMS – Tipu Sultan Girls Campus (I.Com, B.Com)
CAMS – Tipu Sultan Co-ed Campus (I.Com, B.Com)
CAMS – Tipu Sultan Co–ed Campus (UCSI Malaysia)
Avicenna School – Clifton (co-ed) campus (Montessori, Play Group)
Avicenna School – Clifton (co-ed) campus (Class I – VIII)
Avicenna School – Clifton (co-ed) campus (O’Levels, A’Levels)
Avicenna School – Clifton (Girls) campus (class IV – VIII)
Avicenna School – Clifton (Girls) campus (O’Levels)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (Montessori, Play Group)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (Class I – VIII)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (O’Levels)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (A’Levels)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan (Co-ed) Campus (A’Levels)
Avicenna School – Tipu Sultan Road (Girls) Campus (A’Levels)