Academic Council

The Academic Council of CAMS consists of the heads of all the Programs/ Departments, the President & Chief Executive. The Council is a pool of intellectuals working at CAMS with the objective of constantly bringing about improvements in the process of providing quality education at every level. The Council meets fortnightly to discuss and review policy issues relating to the operation of the institution. The Council also advises and submits recommendations to the Board of Governors for long-term strategic direction of CAMS and its programs. The Council is also responsible for forming committees for disciplinary hearing of the students and reviewing applications for scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students on need basis.

Currently the Academic Council comprises of:

  • Mr. Shehzad Chamdia, President CAMS
  • Mr. Adil M. Butt, Chief Executive CAMS
  • Mr. Rizwan N. Akhund, Executive Director
  • Mr. Fazal Haq Qureshi, Asstt. Director CAMS
  • Mr. Anees Zaidi, Director CAMS College of Business & IT
  • Mrs. Maliha Siddiqui, Principal Avicenna O⁄A Levels & Juniors (Clifton)
  • Mrs. Mehreen Ali, Principal Avicenna Girls Campus O´Levels & Junior (Tipu Sultan Road)
  • Mr. Mazkoor-ur-Rahman, Principal CAMS Degree College (Clifton)
  • Mr. Aziz Khatri, Manager Administration CAMS
  • Ms. Sherry Khan, Billing Officer CAMS
  • Ms. Sameera Siddqui – Principal, Avicenna O & A Levels for Girls Only.(Clifton)