English Requirement:

Students who are already operating at a high level in English can choose to drop EAP for IFY and Int Dip, though IFY students will need to take the NCUK Key Skills module in its place. NCUK Universities will need to see evidence of students’ proficiency in English, so it’s important, no matter how fluent in English a student is, that students who drop EAP are able to produce a relevant alternative qualification. The minimum requirements we would expect are detailed below. Note that where a qualification has components (such as TOEFL or IELTS) the student needs to meet ALL the requirements below, including component scores (indicated in brackets):

Qualification Requirement
IELTS Overall 6.5 (Listening 6.0, Reading 6.0, Speaking 6.0, Writing 6.0)
TOEFL iBT Overall 91 (Listening 21, Reading 22, Speaking 23, Writing 21)
PTE Overall 61 (Listening 54, Reading 54, Speaking 54, Writing 54)
(I)GSCE, UK O level Grade C
IB Grade 5 at standard level English

Note that for some courses at certain universities (particularly for Law and Medicine) students may be asked for a higher minimum requirement. It is important, therefore, that such students are counselled appropriately at the beginning of the programme and advised to do EAP if they cannot provide a qualification at the following level:

Qualification Requirement
IELTS Overall 7.0 (Listening 6.5, Reading 6.5, Speaking 6.5, Writing 6.5)
TOEFL iBT Overall 100 (Listening 21, Reading 22, Speaking 23, Writing 21)
PTE Overall 68 (Listening 61, Reading 61, Speaking 61, Writing 61)
(I)GSCE, UK O level Grade B
IB Grade 5 at standard level English

If students are not able to produce one of the above qualifications but still wish to be considered for exemption from EAP, the centre should send details of the NSE to Sara Perry at NCUK.

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