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CAMS College of Accounting and Management Sciences has imparted education in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Business Administration, and Commerce since 1994. With more than 25 years of experience, CAMS is committed to providing value-based education with the aim of preparing the next generation to meet the challenges of a dynamically fluctuating business environment.

CAMS offers undergraduate degree programs (BS/BBA and ADC/B.COM) of University of Karachi, professional Accounting courses of ACCA-UK and CA-ICAP, and Intermediate in Commerce and Arts of Board of Intermediate Education of Karachi (BIEK).

Our pedagogy is carefully crafted to deliver in-depth academic knowledge to students and inculcate entrepreneurial skills amongst them through rigorous training and frequent engagement with the corporate sector. CAMSians earned placement in reputed universities / institutions for higher education and our Alumni are working globally in national and multi-national organizations.

CAMS realizes the need for hands-on training to provide real world experience for our students by allowing them to gain valuable knowledge and skills by ‘doing’ instead of just studying and watching. These courses include Information Technology such as MS Office, personal grooming, and presentation skills. We have two state-of-the-art campuses in the heart of the city:

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Our mission is to provide quality education at every level:

• To provide value-based education with a strong focus on academics.

• To institute sustainable growth through expansion of current programs and offering new recognized programs through partnerships and linkages with accredited national and international educational institutions.

• To provide opportunities to financially disadvantaged students to enable them to meet their academic and career goals.

• To provide opportunities to our faculty and staff to grow professionally through an environment that fosters continuous training and development.

Prof. Dr. Farhat Azim (Principal I.Com and B.Com; Director BS/BBA)

Contact No. 9221-34194027

Ms. Sara Sana Shah
(Principal I.Com and B.Com)

Contact No. 9221-34537782

Ms. Ammara Amir (Marketing)

Contact No. 9221-34194029

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The Academic Council of CAMS consists of the heads of all the Programs/ Departments, the President, and the Chief Executive. The Council is a pool of intellectuals working at CAMS with the objective of constantly bringing about improvements in the process of providing quality education at every level. The Council meets regularly to discuss and review policy issues relating to the operation of the institution. The Council also advises and submits recommendations to the Board of Governors for the long-term strategic direction of CAMS and its programs. The Council is also forms committees for disciplinary hearings (when needed) and reviewing applications for scholarships and financial assistance to deserving students on a need basis.
The Academic Council comprises of:

• Mr. Shehzad Chamdia, President
• Mr. Adil M. Butt, Chief Executive
• Mr. Fazal Haq Qureshi, Executive Director
• Mr. Arsalan Bhagwanee, Director CAMS College
• Mr. Bob Wheeler, Director CAMS College of Business & IT (CCBIT)
• Prof. Dr. Farhat Azim, Principal CAMS College (PECHS Co-Ed Campus)
• Ms. Sarah Shah, Principal CAMS College (Tipu Sultan Girls Campus)
• Ms. Tahira Malik, Principal Avicenna School (Clifton Co-Ed Campus)
• Ms. Mehreen Ali, Principal Avicenna School (Tipu Sultan Girls Campus)
• Ms. Rafia Azmat, Principal Avicenna School (Clifton Girls Campus)

“It’s not just studying and passing Exams! To start a right career at a right time is real challenge!

Noor-e-Arshi Khan, CFO & Co. Secretary, Gillette Pakistan

“I studied in CAMS in 1998-2000 where I completed my CA Foundation. Later, those two years at CAMS not only helped me complete my Chartered Accountancy but the sound professional education which CAMS provided to me also helped me study towards CIMA,UK without any external help.

In-fact, I was also able to secure 3rd position worldwide in one of CIMA’s paper in 2001. I think I can’t thank CAMS for their contributions to my success”

Fatima Anis, Head of Business Process Control, Novartis Pharma Pakistan Limited

“Starting ACCA with CAMS and my first counseling session with Mr. Fazal was a crucial roadmap for my way to CA through ICAP.

CAMS College has been the pioneer for bringing in professional Accountants as teachers. The learning process and grooming by professional teachers proved to be greatly beneficial in later years during the Articles period and also provided know how about the actual industry”


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