How do I apply?

You need to register with us with proper details and relevant applications. Fill in the application form, and we will record your response. As soon as we get your response, you will call the concerned department. 

Who can I contact if I want to find out more?

You can reach out to us at: helpcentre@cams.edu.pk. You may call us at 0332-2672267.

Are your classes lecture-based or discussion-based?

CAMS believes in a combination model. Our classes are a blend of both lectures and discussions. 

Is CAMS affiliated with UOK?

Yes, are affiliated with the University of Karachi; since 2001. 

Are there any scholarships available for the students?

Yes, we do have scholarships available for deserving students. 

Please, have a look at the following link for more information.


Are the courses offered by CAMS comparable to international standards?

Yes, programs of CAMS are based on a curriculum developed by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). The course outlines used in these curricula are based on international demands and standards.